Summer Time Security Tips

Summer Time Security Tips

Summer time security tips (Grilles for Patio Doors and Windows)

We’ve had a relatively dry and warm summer so far and it’s a time that we all like to spend outside in the garden. Be it gardening, relaxing, carrying out those essential DIY Jobs or maybe having a BBQ, we all enjoy the fresh air and a bit of outdoor living. It’s also a time when we like to bring some of that fresh air into our homes and businesses, opening all available windows and patio doors, French doors and bi – folding doors. This can create a potential security lapse in our homes. Let’s not get to hung up about this but crime figures show hard evidence that criminal activity increases during in the summer months especially the opportunist type of burglary.

Letting in the fresh air may also mean you are giving access to a burglar. A large proportion of burglaries happen during in the summer months when our guard has been relaxed a little with doors and windows being left unlocked and open. Two types of burglary can happen either you have gone out and left the property and inadvertently left the windows open or you are in the garden or house and a burglar rather boldly gains access right under your nose.   Either way this type of burglary tends to be very swift and quiet, smaller items that can quickly and easily be concealed are taken. These include mobile phones, wallets and purses and house or car keys. Other items that are easily transported are I-pads and even laptops. If your keys are taken this can cause all kinds of problems and expense meaning locks need to be changed.

I am not suggesting that you live in a green house or a sauna during the summer months but some simple precautions can be taken to ensure you are not the victim of the opportunist thief.

Sunshine makes us all feel good, relaxed and maybe slightly complacent. The summer time is often when our homes and businesses are actually at the most risk. Crime has been proven to increase through the summer months due to several factors. Sneak in burglars increase as thieve know that doors are left unlocked and windows left open even if you are in the garden or upstairs a burglar will chance sneaking into your property. Also summer time is a time for holidays leaving the house empty for weeks at a time.

  • If you are outside especially if at the rear of the property remember to lock the front door and keep windows either closed or open a minimum amount
  • It’s important not to create any kind of cover for a burglar, this means keeping hedges and bushes at the front of your property in order and well maintained to a height that cannot easily hide someone. A simple solution if you are concerned about intruders breaching hedges is to plant rose bushes, holly bushes or some kind of spiky plant as they can act as a great defensive barrier that looks good as well!
  • Noise is something burglars want to avoid especially if they want to sneak into your home. Something as simple as a gravel path or wind chimes hanging near the front door will prevent a burglar creeping up your drive or path without being heard.
  • Sneak in burglars want easy transportable items so keep the mobile phone, wallet or purse handbag and especially house and car keys well out of sight or reach.
  • Burglars don’t want to be stopped by the police carrying any kind of tool that could be used to gain entry to your home. So don’t leave tools such as spades lying around the garden always clear up and lock them away. Keeping your tools safe out of view in the garage or shed including ladders, anything that could possibly be used to force entry in to you house.
  • It’s going to be the holiday season quite soon in fact the schools will break up in only a few weeks. Leaving the house empty for a week or two can be quite nerve racking especially if you have be broken into before or a near neighbour has. This might be a time to do a quick security assessment of your property and follow some of the tips above. It may be worth having a professional security consultant look at the weak areas of your home in terms of physical security. Installing some kind of physical security such as retractable grilles over windows/ patio doors and looking at beefing up the security on your front and back doors will help to ensure your home is not targeted.

To some up burglars will always look for the easy target that gives them the least resistance and the best escape route should they be confronted. Security is more about deterrent that actual physical bars and heavy duty grilles. ultimately burglars can be put off quite simply by using your common sense and making your home as unattractive s possible to a sneak in burglar.

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