What home security should I use?

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What home security should I use?

We all have different ideas when it comes to home security. Most of us are familiar with some form of security grilles be it the traditional wrought iron external window bars or the heavy duty steel window grilles. These grilles do offer some level of security but they tend to be unsightly, require regular maintenance and due to the fact they are installed on the outside of the opening can be tampered with and therefore only really offer a visual deterrent level of security.

To obtain the ultimate level of security window grilles should ideally be installed internally behind the glass. This gives the best level of security as the glass must be broken before the window grille can be tampered with. The breaking of glass will attract attention and will hinder the burglar, plus if an alarm is activated all the better. Internal security grilles range from retractable grilles to removable window bars. The retractable grille offers various levels of security depending on what model you decide on from low security up to high security insurance rated. They are simple to use, require no maintenance and come in a range of attractive colours.

Internally installed window bars have come a long way since the tradition heavy duty jail bars we see in banks. The removable window bars system is designed to be installed internally offering that traditional vertical bar grille look but it also has a very cleaver feature built in which actually allows the removal of the bars from the frame, giving the owner a totally unobstructed view through the window.

If the security must be installed externally then the security window mesh offers a discreet yet very secure option. The security mesh is constructed from a steel sheet perforated with 4mm holes, then framed with an aluminium box section. Powder coated black the security mesh once installed over doors or windows resembles tinted glass and allows up to 60% of the light through it making it almost invisible to the eye.

Home security solutions in some very high risk areas have opted to install roller shutters instead of window grilles, window bars or window mesh. The roller shutter offers a more physical looking deterrent and if installed externally will also protect the glass. There is a distinct difference between the commercial roller shutters and the domestic roller shutters. Commercial roller shutters tend to be manufacture from galvanised steel with steel guide rails and a large shutter hood or box that the curtain will roll up into and be house when in the shutter is in its open position. Domestic roller shutters tend to be manufactured from aluminium with aluminium guides and box. Aluminium shutters use an extruded slat which is every bit as strong as steel if not stronger. They also roll up into a tighter coil and therefore have a much smaller neater box.