How To Improve Fire Safety At Your Business

Fire Safety

How To Improve Fire Safety At Your Business

Importance of Fire Safety For Businesses

It’s important for all businesses to use and have in place a good level of fire safety. The fire safety law changed in October 2006 with the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. These state that businesses need to comply with current fire safety law, have up to date fire risk assessments, as well as have the appropriate precautions in place to prevent fires.

Many businesses don’t understand the full importance of fire safety and what methods can be put in place to help protect their business. All businesses much comply with current laws and regulations; failure to comply could result in court action and it’s likely to nullify any insurance policies you have in place. At QSec, we can provide expert advice and guidance in relation to the best fire safety methods to use.

Protecting Against Fires

Whether it be nature, an accident or an attack, all businesses are at risk of suffering from a fire. As well as keeping your business safe it’s also important to keep the people working there safe as well. With high quality fire doors you can ensure that your employees have a safe exit to escape from in the event of a fire.

With a fire rated roller shutter you can seal off your business, or sections of your property that might be suffering from a fire; which will help to prevent it from spreading. Made to measure shutters will ensure that they fit correctly, and the appropriate protection is provided. It’s important to use a range of fire safety measures to help protect your property business, using a range of things such as shutters, extinguishers and sprinklers will help to protect both your business and the people working there.

Ways To Improve Fire Safety

There are a number of ways to improve the fire safety in your business. Whether it be simple methods such as extinguishers or more complex things such as sprinklers, it’s important to choose the best options for you. Some of the best fire protection methods to use are:

For more information on the best types of fire safety products, to choose please don’t hesitate to get in touch with QSec. We specialise in fire doors and fire safety shutters.

How Do I Arrange To Have A Fire Door or Shutter Installed?

If you’re interested in having a fire door or shutter installed at your business, to help protect your property against fires, then all you need to do is get in touch with QSec. We can provide expert advice and guidance in relation to the best type of fire door or shutter to install. We only offer high quality doors that are designed to help protect your property and your employees safe during a fire.