Loss Prevention Certification Board

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Loss Prevention Certification Board

When the need arises to look at our physical security requirements ether in the form of taking precautions or as a direct result from a burglary the most important question we need to consider is weather the type of product we select is suitable for our needs.

Protecting our properties has changed somewhat over the years with new security products and the general attitude towards security taking into consideration as to what works and what doesn’t. Crime has also changed over the last decade with criminals becoming savvier certainly when it comes to electronic crime such as identity theft.

Securing our buildings and homes is often done with some degree of reluctance. Most physical security is only installed following a burglary or as a result of a crime spree that has affected a neighbouring business or household. Although our attitude towards security is changing the majority of us still view crime as something that will either happen to someone else or never happen at all. Generally speaking physical security is still seen as heavy duty wrought iron steel bars or grids painted black that make our homes or business look like a prison.

Security can be effective without being intrusive and this has been the main goal for many manufactures. To produce a product that offers a high level of security without compromise, manufactured to a high level of quality with ease of use and durability. The buying public carry out a great deal of research before committing to a purchase, expectations are very high and rightly so. We expect that when we buy something that it is fit for purpose and can perform the task we require of it without fail.

Security products are no different and in fact in most cases need to perform under exceptional circumstances usually from tools such as crow bars and screw drivers in the hands of a determined burglar.

It is important to take serious consideration into the level of security you require. This should be done based on the following.

  • Location of Building (remote or built up area)
  • Is the building over looked by neighbouring business or households
  • Does the building have an up to date alarm installed
  • Age of building (is it in a good state of repair windows and doors are sound and secure)
  • Previous history (has it been broken into before)
  • Is there a neighbourhood watch scheme in place
  • Are the windows single or double glazed

Once you have a feel for the level of security you require the next step is to think about the kind of security you want to use. Looking at products that have a security rating is important if you have assessed the risk as high as you will need a product that can match that level of threat. From the numerous physical products available it can be confusing which ones offer the best level of security. One grille or shutter can look much the same as another one. Having products tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board removes any of the guess work from deciding on which product will give you the best level of protection. The testing with is carried out under strict guide lines put the products be it a fire shutter or a security grille through a series of tests designed to put the maximum amount of pressure on the product being tested. These trials on retractable security grilles are performed by trained personnel working under strict laboratory condition. Various tools are used and range in their effectiveness. Time limits are set by the certification body, giving the attacker anything from a few seconds attack time through to several minutes. The tools used are specified by the level of security rating the product is being rated for. Meaning the overall level of risk and ferocity of attack are directly interrelated to the type of tools and time taken to successfully gain access through the grille or shutter that is being tested. There are numerous security levels that range from an opportunist type of attack right up to ministry of defence and anti-terrorist deterrent.

The QSec Seceuroguard 1000 made to measure retractable security grille and the QS38 electric roller shutter both have LPC level one accreditation. They both have passed the Loss Prevention Certification Boards testing and can boast this level of security.

So when it comes to deciding on a product that can give you a high level of security and back it up with certification then knowing it has the loos prevention certification boards seal of approval will give you peace of mind and confidence that you have made the correct choice. Contact QSec today for more information.