Security for Your Business

Security for Your Business

Business Security

Every customer that comes into your business is a potential problem, threat or risk to your health and security. This is most likely not always the case, but to ensure you and your business has complete security set in place. It is best to have all methods of precautions covered. It is worth having measures set up to protect you, your business and profits to ensure everything is safe.

QSec have compiled a list, to help inform business owners on the best ways to maintain your business security and ensure it as safe as possible. Please take the time to read through our help and advice, as it could be worth knowing as you never know when your businesses security could be really appreciated.

Read on to find out exactly how to secure your business from external threats, so you can rest assured that your staff and property are always kept secure.

Security for Your Business
Business Security

Upgrade Your Windows and Doors

After setting up your security rota, the first thing you should do is perform a survey of your site’s most vulnerable points. This includes all access points, as even the most amateur of thieves will be able to make short-work of a dilapidated door or window. Inspect every window and door on your premises — if any of them are broken or look vulnerable, have them replaced immediately.

If you store confidential information or extremely valuable items on site, it may be worth swapping your standard doors and windows for their high-security alternatives. When buying from QSec, a certified manufacturer that produces doors and grilles that are LPS 1175-rated and you can be certain of the level of security you’re getting. After you’ve upgraded all of the units that require it, you should schedule security inspections every six months to make sure your access points always offer adequate protection.

Install an Intruder Alarm

If you don’t have one already, the next step is securing the business premises is installing a security alarm. If you ever leave equipment of any value unattended on your site, you should make sure to invest in an alarm system from a security that offers fully monitored alarms that notify the key-holders emergency services if they are ever activated.

This will go a long way to secure your business premises from theft and is an essential for any business that stores valuable items or confidential information on its site. Make these simple upgrades and you’ll significantly improve the security level of your business premises, ensuring the safety of your staff as well as the items and information you keep on site.

Set Up A Security Rota

An instant improvement you can make to your business’ security is to set up a rota among your workforce to ensure that the last person out of the office each evening locks and secures all doors and windows. This should be officially recorded – either digitally or on paper – to avoid any miscommunication.

The week’s rota should be emailed to all of the relevant members of staff at the start of each week to ensure they know when it is their duty to lock-up.

Creating a rota to make secure your business premises each evening may seem simple, but it will significantly improve the building’s security level, as all it takes is forgetting to lock a single window for your business to be left vulnerable.