Security tips for your Office

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Security tips for your Office

Commercial premises such as offices are a key target for burglars as they know that during the evening the premise will be unoccupied and they are generally situated in remote business parks and out of town locations. These vast business parks become almost like a ghost town when all the occupants have left for the day leaving them at the mercy of burglars.

What to consider when it comes to potential office break-ins

Offices have numerous weak areas that can be exploited by a burglar. These include large glass entrance foyers, rows and rows of windows, fire doors at the rear of the property and flat roofs with sky lights.  The equipment within most offices also makes them an irresistible temptation for burglars. Although still in abundant use the desk top computer is gradually being replaced with laptops which are either taken home by the user or more commonly place in a lap top trolley which simultaneously charges the laptops up. These laptop trollies can store anything from ten to well over a hundred laptops, so something well worth breaking into the building for; especially considering just how easy laptops are to store and sell on. Many offices use a computer network run by a mainframe/server computer. This is a fairly expensive bit of kit and if stolen can cause catastrophic consequences for the business owner especially if information held on it is highly sensitive or of a financial value, i.e. banking information of customers etc.

Other equipment worth mentioning includes company mobile phones, I-pads and electronic note books. In fact in comparison to the average domestic property Offices really are a treasure trove of easily transportable valuable electronic goods. Offices also have store rooms crammed full of ink cartridges which as we all know are a very expensive consumable. Several hundred ink cartridges can easily fit into a holdall and are relatively simple to sell on. Most offices also have some amount of cash located somewhere in the form of petty cash this can sometimes amount to several hundred pounds.

How to secure your office

Securing an office is no mean feat especially when taking into consideration the sheer number of vulnerable areas that would require some kind of physical security. The best solution is to identify the weak areas that are at risk first. This will mean carrying out a security risk assessment and determining what can be achieved whilst keeping down the costs. The simple rule is to make it as difficult for a burglar as possible to first gain access to the building. Look at the likely areas a burglar will attempt a break in. If you have a particularly large office with dozens of windows then it may be a wise solution to create a secure area with in the building itself. This is probably best in a room with no windows and preferable not on the ground floor. The door to this room can be upgraded to an insurance approved steel door. At the end of the working day all the company laptops can be loaded onto the trolley and securely stored in this safe room. Locksmiths will ensure that your new security doors are fitted with the best types of locks. A locksmith can also be on hand to provide assistance, should anyone try to access your premises and cause damage to it.

Security grilles and shutters

If there is an abundance of desk top machines, accompanied by large LCD monitors then it may be wise to look at securing the windows. The options here range from internally installed retractable/folding security grilles, or a diamond lattice fixed grille to externally installed roller shutters manual or electric operation or a perforated mesh grille. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages as to whether you should install your physical security internally or externally. From a security point of view if you can install your chosen type of security on the inside of the windows then this will provide a better level of security than externally fitted grilles or shutters. This is because the burglar will have to break the glass first and in doing so will trigger the alarm system.   The burglar wants to be in and out of the premise as quickly as possible once the alarm has been activated but in this instance is still on the outside of the property with either a grille or shutter to now break through using up valuable time.

On the other hand having the retractable grilles or roller shutters installed externally offers an excellent visual deterrent and prevents vandalism if this is also a problem. It does however mean that the geographical area can look at bit depressing especially if every office building uses shutters. If the shutter or grille is breached then you windows are now vulnerable to attack and reliant on purely the alarm system.

Securing a large glass entrance lobby can be a very awkward and expensive exercise. It may be better to secure the doors that lead into the offices and sacrifice the reception area. This may be a good strategy as if a burglar has gained entry into the reception lobby they will have activated the alarm but will now be faced with attempting to get through the shutters or grilles that have been installed over the doors into the main office areas.

The fire doors can also be a weak area as they are usually at the rear of the building; it may be worth upgrading them to an insurance approved steel door. One final area worth looking at is skylights, a weak point in most buildings which is often over looked. A simple but effective solution is to use a fixed mesh grille secured to the underside of the skylight. This offers both a visual and physical barrier.

Security tips

As well as the above, there’s some other things you can do to ensure complete security in your office. This includes reinforced doors and locks and CCTV Installations, when it comes to a big commercial premises, it’s also a good idea to have a locksmith on hand, Lock Solutions provide 24 hour emergency locksmith services and will make sure you can get into your property no matter what.

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